Thursday, 2 July 2020


So, I ran a little poll on Twitter to see when you all would like me to reveal the cover for my new book; Everything Disordered (which you can hear more about in my video here) and tonight won! Now, I didn’t want to just post the cover and leave it at that, but I also wondered exactly how much I could say about a book cover…

I decided to design the cover myself, partly because of costs and partly because I want complete creative control over the book! Being someone who likes to be in control anyway meant that I hated the thought of anyone telling me what my hopes and goals for the book cover should be, and that mine were terrible, or that they couldn’t be brought to life! 

I think that I also wanted to the control because it meant responsibility, which is something I’ve been forced to learn a lot about through my poor mental health and self-harm. I was definitely someone who blamed others for my behaviours because I believed my response said more about how much a person had hurt me than it did about myself and how incapable I was of coping in a safe and healthy way. Learning to accept responsibility for my actions has been a hugely positive step in my recovery and it has shown me that in taking responsibility, I feel much more comfortable and entitled to reaping any rewards of my actions. Of course, it also means that I definitely feel I have no one else to blame when things go wrong!

So, the actual design of the cover? Well, it was made using Canva and Pinterest. I chose the background image because I felt it sort of symbolized what I want from the book; for it to be a complete and utter jumble of information with no real order! I picked the title font because I thought it resembled the ‘NOT’ from my blog’s logo and I wanted to illustrate the enormous influence I’m NOT Disordered has had on the book. 

I really hope I haven’t built this into something huge and that you all feel let down when you see it…