Guest Posts

I decided to begin publishing guest posts on I'm NOT Disordered when I saw its popularity grow and realised that it might be of benefit to others to have their writing and social media etc. publicised. I also thought that although my blog is primarily about my life and my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) there are cross overs into areas of mental health that I'm not an expert on; and so I believe readers benefit from reading posts that are written by those who are more knowledgeable on these subjects. The more guest posts I've published, and the feedback I've had from them, the more I've grown to like the idea that I'm NOT Disordered is also a platform for others to be heard.
BPD Orchid: talks about her recent 3 part series on
Sophie Bolam: talks about becoming a wife!
Lindsey Wanless: "If you haven't got the mindset right, you've got nothing"
Julia Harrison: 'Terminology may be part of the problem'
Sophie Bonner: 'I have worked so hard at re-building my life'
Angharad May: Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) 2016
Angela Wilson: 'I stopped blaming myself when I read her blog'
Scott Latty: 'I'm fed up of feeling misunderstood'
Angela Slater: 'I will never forget one story...'
Jonny Benjamin: 'I came to accept this was the path chosen for me'
Keiran Mulvaney: Let's Think About It
Sharon Sutton: Bi-Polar in 10
Diane Wilson: 'Fight for everything that person is entitled to'
Sophie Dishman: The Stigma of Multiple Diagnosis
Danny Bowman: 'I have been given a second chance'
Naomi Gilchrist: 'The use of creativity helped me to find my voice'
Soph Hopkins: 'We are the next generation'
Angela Slater: 'It can happen to anyone'
Emily Tyson: 'I absolutely love what I do'
Jack Wilson: 'This award just shows that the work I'm doing is making a difference'
Becky Thompson: 'Days worth of filming had to be cut down into 45mins'
Rebecca Walters: 'I feel I am able to positively use my experiences to help others'
Laura May: Honesty
Emma Baxendale: 'Making the best out of a bad situation'
Stacey Dymond: 'The scars that you have made mean you have to lie'
Deborah Sharkie: 'I dedicate this to my Chelsea'
Liz Neill: 'My job is about supporting and listening to young people'
Amy from Relief from Anxiety: How To Cope With Anxiety
Thomas Glover: The Urge Resurfaces
Ian Callaghan: Being Brave
Emma Baxendale: 'I am not afraid of saying I have mental health'
Chelsea Sharkie: 'What it's really like to have Aimee in your life'
Heather Benstead: 'I have a small idea of what they're going through'
Malen Steptoe: Understanding Agoraphobia