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VIDEO Series with Northumbria Police
(This series is still ongoing) This Series of filmed chats with a variety of professionals who have a connection to Northumbria Police, and also to mental health, was originally planned to run during Mental Health Awareness Week but the Police requested that it be a long term collaboration. In creating this Series, I hope it will educate readers on the efforts that are being made by Police to improve any mental health related experiences that involve their service.
 VIDEO: Chatting Mental Health with the Northumbria Police Control Room Manager

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016
This Series was made up of a variety of people completing the same template about relationships - the focus of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week (16th - 23rd May). I hoped that in hosting this Series, readers could see the variety in each person's 'top' relationships, learn more about them, and also see a more personal side to professionals. The posts were published once a day for the duration of the Week. 
Top Relationships for John Lawlor, CEO of NTW NHS
Top Relationships for Fran Houston, Author & Bi-Polar Sufferer
Top Relationships for David Cole, CEO of Cygnet Healthcare
Top Relationships for Marty Baker, Author & Carer
Top Relationships for Stephanie Stevenson-Ward, Mum & Student
Top Relationships for PC Becky Davies, Patrol Sergeant in Exeter, East and Mid-Devon policing area 
Top Relationships for Emma Baxendale, Blogger, Teaching Assistant and appeared in BBC3 Documentary: 'Don't Call Me Crazy'
Top Relationships for Me!

24hrs with...
This Series was quite unique as it didn't stick to mental health. A variety of people from all over the country and with various jobs, completed a template designed for this series; which meant that each person was answering the same questions, making it easier to notices the differences. Participants were told that it was their choice as to which day they chose to complete their template. In hosting this Series, I wanted to show readers how different a person's day - and life, can differ. The Series has proved extremely popular and readers enjoyed the unique insight into another person's life.  
... Angela Slater, North East Community and Equalities Coordinator for Time to Change
... Megan B, Volunteer Collective Advocate
... Adam Stewart, Involvement Coordinator for Cygnet Healthcare
... Faisal Ali, HMRC Admin Worker
... Vanessa McIntosh, Bi-Polar Sufferer & Blogger 
... Claire Andre, Police Liason Lead for NTW NHS
... Inspector Steve Baker, Mental Health Lead for Northumbria Police 
... Becky Thompson, Bulimic Sufferer & appeared in C4 documentary 'My Self-Harm Nightmare'
... Marty & Fran, best-friends living 3,000 miles apart
... Rose Wiltshire, OCD Sufferer 
... Becky Davies, Police Patrol Sergeant 
... Lisa Rodrigues CBE, NHS Manager
... Elaine Jackson, Support Worker for Richmond Fellowship
... Eve, Teacher & Blogger
... Charli B, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
... David Cole, CEO of Cygnet Healthcare 
... Me!

10 Things You Should Know About...
The aim of this Series was to give a brief and simple run-down of some potentially complicated aspects of mental health so that your average lay-person can have an improved knowledge about such things. This, was based on my belief that a lack of education is a massive cause of the stigma towards mental health. 
Feeling Suicidal
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
Being an Outpatient
The Mental Health Act 1983
Being an Inpatient
Mental Health Recovery
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

 Christmas Q&A With...
As it was Christmas time when this Series began, I'd been thinking about my plans for Christmas Day and realized that everyone who celebrates this same day, has completely different days. And I thought that it would be nice for me - and readers, to have a unique insight into a variety of people's Christmas'. 
Adios To Anorexia
ITV Fixers
Northumbria Police
Educating Essex
NTW Head of Communications
Mental Health Cop
Cygnet HealthCare

7 Days of BPD
The intention in this Series was to illustrate that people can have the same mental health diagnosis (or any diagnosis for that matter; but we're focusing on mental health) but they are still individuals; individuals who can have completely different causes for them to exhibit different symptoms which then have different effects on their lives. 
Day 7 - Q&A with Nadine Appleby
Day 6 - Q&A with Anonymous
Day 5 - Q&A with Katie Bayne
Day 4 - Q&A with Claire Hill
Day 3 - Q&A with Jane Kneal
Day 2 - Q&A with Stilli
Day 1 - Q&A with Sofi

Fashion & Beauty Meets Mental Health (FBMH)
This Series began because I learnt that the 'category' of a blog does not define the blogger/YouTuber; writing about mental health doesn't mean that I don't have an interest in fashion and beauty. This, doesn't mean that I wouldn't appreciate a free lipstick; however, opportunities are offered to bloggers based upon the category of their blog. On realizing this, I learnt that in turn, fashion and beauty bloggers may also have experience in mental health. I hoped that this Series would help illustrate this to readers. 
Katie from Knelt - Q&A and Guest Post
Sally from Little Budget - Q&A and Guest Post
Katie from Gold Dust - Q&A and Guest Post

Borderline Positive Series (BP Series)
This Series was created as a celebration of getting closer to the 50,000 readers milestone, with each post being published at every 250 new readers. The Series was set to focus on positivity but with a play on BPD in that it was in a realistic 'Borderline' kind of way!  
#10 - Conclusion: Letter to my Future Self
#9 - Poem
#8 - The Lyrics That Fit
#7 - Lessons Learnt
#6 - Funny Stories
#5 - Pros & Cons
#4 - Useful Resources
#3 - Motivational Quotes
#2 - Role Models
#1 - Bucket List