TV Review: Don't Call Me Crazy, Episode 1

This was the first programme in BBC3's series of mental health programmes focused on young people with mental health problems. The series is called It's a Mad World and was guided and advised by Time to Change (
Right from the off-set, I found it moving with very similar situations to those that we see on the ward, namely the restraints. I found it interesting to hear of the eating disorders; I've found that area interesting since losing a friend who had anorexia (Vickie) and although some of the girls here, have had eating disorders, there aren't many who are currently going through it.
I was surprised at how short the stay of one of the patients was but not because I thought she wasn't better... Just because of what she'd done in the past. Her history. And then I wasn't all that shocked when she returned three weeks later. It makes you wonder if the staff feel like failures when that sort of thing happens.
I found myself worrying when one of the girls went missing and I felt sick when they got the phone call to say she'd overdosed. Too similar.
I had nothing but sympathy for the girl who was sectioned after convincing herself it wouldn't happen to her; I know how that feels.
It was also hard to watch the girls struggle as some of them were discharged; it's hard to watch others get better and progress - it makes you feel as though you're not moving, or are going backwards.
It was nice to see the girls having fun and enjoying themselves; just more evidence that it's not all bad days.

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