Thursday, 21 June 2018


So, last year, I was facilitating a course in ‘Recovery Through Blogging’ at the local Recovery College and the ice breaker for the group was to talk about your favourite movie or TV show. The entire class had told us their favourite movie and then we got to one girl and she said ‘I’m going to be a bit different then and talk about my favourite TV show from Netflix.’ When she said iZombie was from Netflix, I got interested; having just signed up to the incredible service myself, I’d been in search of new shows and movies. She told us that the show was about a girl who was a Zombie but she solved the murders of the people’s brains she ate. I’m into gory things like that so when I got home I added it to ‘My List’ on Netflix and ended up forgetting about it for a couple of months or so. When I finally watched it, it was one of those shows were it takes a couple of episodes to really get invested in the characters but after that, I was hooked! I recently just re-watched the entire series for the fourth time (there’s four series with about twenty episodes per season) and wondered how I could spread the word about this incredible show…

1.     “But what if there is hope? Even if it’s dim and somewhere in the nebulous future. It’s a hope I need in order to survive”

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


You’ve got the words to change a nation

But you’re biting your tongue

You’ve spent a life time stuck in silence

Afraid you’ll say something wrong

If no one ever hears it how we gunna learn your song?

Emeli Sande – Read All About It (pt III)

I’ve recently had a few bits of media work going on – filming with Channel 4, the BBC, Richmond Fellowship, and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS FoundationTrust, as well as an interview with Koast Radio – and it got me thinking about my decision to tell the world about my mental health journey. And I’d like to encourage others to do the same.

When the abuse first began my instinct was to tell someone about it; to report it. His threats and warnings didn’t really matter when the real reluctance was coming from inside my own head. I was so afraid that I’d be judged for what had happened. That people would look at me differently and believe that I’d deserved it. They’d think less of me. Because ultimately, when abuse is reported – no matter who to – and one person is denying it ever took place, a person has to decide who they believe. You have to choose a side. And I didn’t know how I would cope if the people I knew chose his. Would it mean that actually, I hadn’t known them at all?

Saturday, 9 June 2018


24 hours with... me!
Date: Thursday June 7th 2018
Why have you chosen to write about today?
A ton of amazing things happened!

Good morning!

What time did you wake up?


Why did you wake up at that time?

I had a support session with my worker from Richmond Fellowship at 11am

Did you have a dream?

Not that I remember.

Friday, 8 June 2018


24 hours with... Martin Baker, Author and Mental Health Advocate

Date: Monday 4th June 2018

Why have you chosen to write about today?

I decided to choose the first full day after you sent me the questions,/ so it would be pretty much random, rather than choose a day that seemed in some way more ‘special’ or ‘significant.’

Good morning!

What time did you wake up?

I woke briefly around 4:30am but went straight back to sleep. I woke again at 6:40am and got up twenty minutes later just before my alarm (which is set for 7:02am)

Why did you wake up at that time?

That’s just naturally when I woke.

Did you have a dream?

Possibly but not that I remember. I rarely recall my dreams.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


So overwhelmed and proud to announce that I’m NOT Disordered has made it onto FeedSpot’s UK TOP TEN BLOGS about Borderline Personality Disorder!

Huge thank you to everyone at FeedSpot and most importantly, to all of you guys reading this! Without my readers I wouldn’t have the incredible opportunities that I get, and my work means the world to me! You guys have given me something to be proud of and allowed me to finally find my purpose in life. And that, is something I will be forever grateful for.