Young Minds VS Campaign has launched!!!

Hey people! The campaign I told you all I'm helping out on has been launched! In case you missed the post I introduced it in, this is what it's all about:

Following a consultation with 1,600 young people, YoungMinds Vs  will be made up of five mini campaigns on their top five issues:
YoungMinds Vs Sexed Up – Fight the pressure (Campaign tackling sexual pressures)
YoungMinds Vs Bullying – Stop the rot (Campaign tackling bullying)
YoungMinds Vs No Work – Change the record (Campaign tackling unemployment)
YoungMinds Vs School Stress – Rewrite the rules (Campaign tackling school stress)
YoungMinds Vs No Help – make your feelings loud (Campaign tackling access to counselling)

 Each issue will have it's time in the spotlight and when that happens I'll be doing a special blog post for whichever one that is. I'm particularly looking forward to the 'Bullying' and 'No Help' ones although I have already started drafting posts for each category and found I had quite a lot to say about 'No Work' and 'Sexed Up'!

I'll be posting various bits and pieces to do with this campaign on my Twitter so keep a look out for that (, and if anyone wants to get involved...
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