A Quick Note

Since I began this blog I've had to make decisions about it that I never imagined I would have to and this post is something along those lines...
Basically, I realise that recently there have been a lot of posts about different campaigns and organizations and I wanted to stress that these are not requested advertisements; I genuinely support these campaigns (as you can see from the work I'm doing on them) and I have personalized each one so that it relates to me and is less of a publicity stunt. I like to think of my blog as a way to involve others in my life and if that means sharing my thoughts on media campaigns then I don't see the harm. The problem arises when organizations and individuals are referring to the blog with things that I, personally, would not promote and would definitely not, want me or my blog to be associated with. By this, I mean negative groups e.g. promotion of self-harm etc. I, in no way advise self-harm as a means of coping and the fact I have used it myself does not mean that I'd recommend it; rather the opposite. I think that if my blog were read properly it would be clear that my self-harming has benefited me in no way whatsoever and that I have found better comfort from positive coping strategies that I have learnt through DBT.
I do not want to have to ask people to speak to me before linking my blog anywhere because I have experienced the benefits of word of mouth so I will respectfully ask that before linking the blog to anything you consider whether it's appropriate and whether a girl who is recovering from BPD and eager for her future would want to be associated with things that take away all the prospects a future offers.
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