The Urge Resurfaces - A guest blog/poem by Thomas Glover

[note: this post contains discussion of self harm behaviours)

The urge resurfaces, sweaty palms, heart in the appropriate place,

sharp like wit, consistent, consuming, with a gluttonous appetite.

My eyes scan the room, searching for hidden treasure,

I take the razorblade, pressing it hard against my skin, dragging

the tip until it is swallowed by flesh, euphoria washes over me

as I inhale the feeling, basking in its entirety, possessed with power.


A smile lacerates my face, blood leaves a trail as Hansel did,

I preach what I practice, unto only myself, I triumph in the battle

against myself, revelation doesn’t prosper here, nothing does,

no-one rallies my strength or holds a pale banner to my name,

I swim ashore then roll back into the ocean, the wound spits,

Fluorescent lights engulf me; I fall out of ambulance doors, hallelujah.

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