And Then This Appeared On My Twitter Feed...

Are you serious?!
I can totally see how they're trying to get across to women that they might become more vulnerable when they drink alcohol but that, was the wrong way to achieve this.
This, has achieved anger.
Firstly, focussing on the victim in a situation of rape like this, implies the victim is at fault for getting drunk. The SURVIVOR of rape is NEVER to blame. And from personal experience, those who do, will probably manage to find enough reasons to blame themselves without the NHS providing a poster to add to the list.
Since, in rape the attacker is to blame perhaps the poster should focus on them. Should it instead say '90% of CHILDREN who are sexually abused, KNOW the person'? 
I'm not dismissing a rape on a wild night out. I am a firm believer that as long as it isn't wanted, then it's rape. No matter the situation or circumstances.
This is my point: if they wouldn't make a similar poster with the children statistics then it is equally unacceptable to make one about any other type of rape/sexual abuse.
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