Separable By No Means - A Poem

They told you it got worse
They need to do more
And I'm feeling better
But it's you we can no longer ignore

We can't swap places
As much as we might like
And my heart will never heal
No matter how much we dislike

Our world is crumbling
It's being shaken by giant's hands
The foundations are fumbling
But neither of us misunderstand

Because we're together
Like we always have been
Nothing can split us
In the end we always win

It won't be the same
It'll never go back to the way it was
But perhaps that's a good thing
To know all our flaws

I never thought this would happen
I felt like we'd had our share
Sometimes it's so unfair
To see people without a care

But in the end it'll make us stronger
We'll take on anything without a thought
We'll have the most amazing love
That could never be taught

We're tied together forever now
Joined with more than genes
No longer alone
Separable by no means

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