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Hi folks!
I'd actually wrote the idea of this post on my to-do list and had called it a life update but I realised that will look like I'm going to chat about my home, my cat and time with friends and family. Which I'm not. It's all business/blog/work related but I feel like this year, it has definitely become my life! I've had so many meetings, emails and calls about projects, collabs, and partnerships with a huge variety of people and organisations, I've also had to do the daily posts in the '10 things..' series and spend time with friends and family. And Dolly!
Anyhow! I met with  Caroline Wild who is the Deputy Director of Partnerships in NTW, and we also had a poorly John Lawlor on conference call from his home!

  • We discussed a Twitter partnership for the huge Time To Change event where I'll be managing social media
  • I'll be meeting with the NTW NHS Police Liason officer; Claire Andre, and Northumbria Police Mental Health Lead, Steve Baker to give my views on new projects they've got in the pipeline and discuss a collaboration with I'm NOT Disordered.
  • I've agreed to do some posts focused on the Peer Support Workers employed by NTW
  • I'll be meeting Will Green, Head of Communications and others from the comms and digital team to discuss online projects together and refreshing the key card that gives staff advice about Social Media
  • I will be joining the NTW comms and marketing team in their collaboration campaign with Sunderland City Council in raising awareness of mental health and suicide
  • And finally, we're looking into creating a blog for NTW!
Sorry if none of that excited you but I'm excited and I'm the one who's doing it all! 

Caroline's Twitter: @carolinewild
John's Twitter: @johnlawlorNTW
Claire's Twitter: @LovelyClaireA
Will's Twitter: @willgreenNHS

On February 4th I'll be joining the Time To Change media team in London to manage their social media on Time To Talk Day so keep an eye on their social media accounts to see my posts! And then on the 6th, I'll be managing the social media at the large event in Newcastle. If you're near the City Centre then the event will be taking place 10am - 3pm at Grey's Monument then pop along!

Also, quick note! Most of you will be aware but if not, I'll be running a blogging workshop at two of my local colleges so if you live in my area (North East) and are interested in enrolling send me an email (aimeewilson@live.co.uk) and I'll give you the info. Also, for anyone out of the area who would be interested, please let know and I could try form it into posts in here!
The college prospectus can be found here
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