It’s a special time of year and so, to celebrate it, I wanted to do something special on I’m NOT Disordered for Christmas. I have decided to bring back the Christmassy Q&A I put together last year with the questions being from a YouTube video and have posed them to many different people from all of the country and doing all sorts of jobs, in all sorts of roles, living all kinds of lives!

So let’s kick off Day One of 12 Days of Christmas with I'm NOT Disordered with my answers to the Christmassy Q&A:

1.      When do you start getting excited for Christmas Day?
This year, (2017) I’ve been excited since September; the moment the leaves started turning brown and the air got a new, crispy chill in it. 2.      Do you still have an advent calendar? If yes, which do you have and if no, when did you stop having them?

I have three advent calendars this year! (One from my fiancé’s sister, Zoe; and two off Ronnie, one chocolate and one full of different scented candles in each compartment. OH! I have four!! My Mum bought me a Beauty and the Beast calendar with all different toiletries in it! I forgot about it because it’s only a twelve day one – which, by the way, I feel those calendars are very strange… they’re on par with the ones that only go up to the 24th! So annoying!!!

3.      What are favourite Christmas movies?

The Santa Clause is my Christmas Eve movie! I also like Miracle on 34th Street, Nativity!, Jack Frost, and obviously; Elf! Oooo and Home Alone 1 and 2! Classics. I like Christmas movies that you can watch them so often you learn the words but you still get that magic, sparkly feeling when you watch it!

4.      Do you have any funny Christmas stories/memories?
I don’t, actually. There’s probably something from my childhood that my Mum can think of…
5.      What's your typical Christmas Day?
Barely sleep and continuously kick Ronnie until he agrees to get up at 6am, get ready, open presents, have some Bucks Fizz and the final Advent Calendar chocolates, go to my Mum’s, open presents, have dinner, watch TV, have Ronnie round for tea and drinks, and then home!
6.      What do you eat for you Christmas dinner? And what is your favourite part of it?
        Usually lamb, and potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, veg, and lots of mint sauce!
7.      Do you have any Christmas traditions?
We always buy new pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve, and attend a carol service in the evening.
8. What are your favourite Christmas songs?

I love Christmas tunes!!! I think my favourites are the typicals; Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody, Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas EveryDay, Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas and The Pogues – Fairytale Of NewYork
9. What has been your favourite Christmas present?
I’m going to sound all mushy now and say: ‘the Christmas when I got leave from Hospital to go home.’ It was whilst I was in Cygnet Bierley and the previous year (2012) I hadn’t been allowed to home until December 27th; it was the first Christmas without my Mum. But in 2013; I went home on the 23rd and didn’t have to go back to Hospital until the 27th! I made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed acting like an excitable child again.
10. Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?

I’d love to have a real one but it’d be a bit high maintenance and with a fake tree, you can get a lovely one and keep it for a good few years. This year, we have a fake one.
11. This year, do you think you'd be on the naughty or nice list?
Nice! I’ve not committed any crimes and I can’t tell lies to save my life! And I’d like to think that I’ve done some good things to people, supporting, helping, and advising people through I’m NOT Disordered. I’ve also started volunteering this year with a support group for those who are unemployed, and most recently just got a role as Stock Manager for The British HeartFoundation.
13. Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?
Oh my goodness I am such a giver!! I’d like to think that I’d be described as overly generous on Christmases – and Birthdays too, I love Birthdays! I just like making people happy and to see them smile because of something I’ve given them. I told myself this year, that I’d not buy presents for so many people this Christmas and that I’d budget... But looking around stores and planning Christmas Day with Mum, and Boxing Day with the entire In-Laws (Ronnie’s Mum, Dad, Sister and her partner, Brother and his wife, their two children and the Grandma!)
14. Where would be your dream place to spend Christmas?
In my dream home. Maybe somewhere in Cornwall? A lovely, big, five bedroom home with my own office, Ronnie, and have two children, Dolly (my cat), Pixie (our Rabbit), a Dog, and then obviously my Mum and Ronnie’s family would have travelled down to be us all.
15. Are you good at wrapping presents?
I can wrap them… I’m not exactly one of those people that faff about with their wrapping paper and buy all the extras like gift tags, and ribbons and things to make them Instagram worthy! I do enjoy wrapping presents though; I find it strangely satisfying.

16. What time do you usually get up on Christmas morning? Is this different from when you were little?
Around 7/8pm. It used to be must earlier when I was little; my Mum always set a time that I was allowed to get up so I’d be tossing and turning from about 3am until I could get up at 6am.
17. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn't real? And how did you find out?
I had to ask my Mum this one! Apparently I came from First School and told my Mum that lots of children had been saying Santa wasn’t real and that it was their parents who bought their presents.
18. What is your dream Christmas present?
Other than the typical; ‘health and happiness’? My/our dream Wedding aka unlimited wealth!

19. Have you asked for anything this year? If yes, what?
Of course! Every year I put together a list for my Mum, I’ll put quite a few            things on it and then Mum splits it for Christmas and my Birthday (which is on February 1st) so I won’t know what she’s bought me.
20. If you could spend Christmas with anyone - living or dead, celebrity or someone you know - who would it be?
Obviously my family and friends but also, I’d love to be with my absolute idol, role model, and inspiration; InTheFrow aka Victoria Magrath.
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