There was a moment when I felt cold and dead

A moment when nothing mattered

Nothing seemed worthy of my energy and time

And then you became mine


You came into the home when all was at a low

Dolly had just gone

And Pixie and I were broken

Then you became our lovely, lucky token

 Adding you to our family brought so much laughter and joy

You gave us smiles and warmth

And all the cold and all the tears

Seemed to just disappear


When it was Pixie’s turn to leave

I looked to you for support

I leaned upon your bravery and strength

And to hold me up, you’d go to any length


Being left as a family of two gave us time to bond

Time to grow

And time to feel

That left us both with notions of heal


But still, I knew you needed a furry friend

So, bringing Luna home, I knew you’d be smitten

Knew you would appreciate

Your brand-new special mate


For the last few years your love has never wavered

For the last few years, you’ve owned a piece of my heart

Your energy and cheer left me passionate and peaceful

And life felt less like mistakeable


Then, when you started to cry

And started to hurt

I felt my heart break

And instantly knew the decision I would have to uptake


Knowing I was going to lose you

Left me struggling to think

But the very worst part

Was that it would break little Luna’s heart


Now that you’re asleep

I want you to know

You’ll never be forgotten

Because as long as I exist

You will always be missed

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