Welcome to Day Nine of Blogmas 2022!

Today, I've teamed up with Jack Wilson, Membership and Engagement Officer for Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW) to bring you a bit of insight into a typical Christmas in his life...

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 


On Christmas Eve as a family, we have always had our tradition of Christmas Eve Supper which consists of a Gammon Joint, Pease pudding, pickled purple cabbage and lots of various sides and condiments. This goes back to my Grandad parents Mam and Dad who used to do this back in the 1920s!



Who will you be spending this year’s Christmas with? 


This year I will be spending Christmas with my Mam, Gran and 3 beautiful dogs, we call ourselves the “Three Amigos” as we used to be the “Fantastic 5” When my Uncle and Grandad were around, then when my Uncle passed, we became the “fab 4” Beatles reference there, couldn’t resist, and sadly after losing my Grandad in 2021 we are now the “Three Amigos” But we always spend Christmas together no matter what!


What time do you get up on Christmas Day? Is that for a particular reason?  


Well, when I was younger, I used to get up at 5am/6am with all the excitement, however now I can actually lie in until about 7am! I know it’s shocking, the only reason I get up then is because my Mam is always far too excited and doesn’t want to sit up alone for hours!


What’s for breakfast? 


We used to do things like croissants, bacon, eggs etc. However, in recent years we have found a love for pancakes, cream cheese and smoked salmon, it’s so quick and easy to do and it doesn’t make us too full for the main feast later in the day!


When do you open presents? 


 If I had my way, I would open them in November! But normally it’s always before midday, just as soon as we are all up and had a coffee, because coffee is very important, so you don’t crash out on the sofa before 3pm!


What has been your favourite gift of all-time? 


This is a hard question, I have never truly known the answer too, for me, I know it is a cliché but having my family all together is the biggest gift I could ever ask for, we are so close, the love we have for each other, nothing compares to it… but if you make me choose an actual gift, I will go with some of my amazing Lego sets!


What has been the most favourite gift you’ve given someone else? 


For me it would have to be Christmas 2021 when I got my Mam this wonderful canvas printed with a college of photos of myself, Gran, Grandad, Mam and Uncle on to go pride of place in our living room so we know everyone is always there.


Did you ask for anything this year? If so, what?  


The main thing I would love this year is one of the “Trace my Ancestry DNA” Kits, I really would love to find out more about our family's history and where across the world we have connections with!


Do you wear anything special on Christmas Day? 


In years gone by we have dressed up as elves, Santa, fairies, Brussel sprouts and turkeys, we always try to find new exciting Christmas jumpers or outfits that we can wear instead of just sitting around in our non-festive clothes!


What time is Christmas Dinner (you can use your own definition for this)? 


Christmas dinner is normally around 2pm, again going back to my Great Grand Parents, it has been a tradition in our family, and I think many others, for years!


What’s your favourite food and drink on Christmas Day?  


You just cannot beat a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, then a good slab of homemade Christmas pudding/cake for dessert (If there is room left in our stomach!) Then the drink of choice would either be a few glasses of white wine or my favourite, Bucks Fizz!!


Four things you do between 1pm and 6pm: 

1.     Scoff down dinner like we have never seen food before

2.     Get the dogs out on a nice cold Christmas walk around Saltwell Park

3.     Have a mess around with some of the amazing presents we get and make a right mess which we never can be bothered to clean up! 

4.     Definitely have a nap, Christmas is exhausting    

Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? If so, anything in particular? 


We normally watch some good Christmas movies; we aren’t really that fussed as we are normally just playing it for background noise while opening presents and eating dinner.


What’s your favourite festive movie? 


My one and only true Christmas movie love has to be the Muppets Christmas Carol. How can you not love it!


How do you spend your evening and night? 


Me and Mam go home after all the festivities are over and we normally have a nice relaxing night in front of the Tv, Pj’s on and thinking just how lucky we are and remembering our loved ones who are no longer here with us to celebrate as we know Christmas is hard for a lot of people so we should never take anything for granted.


Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with I’m NOT Disordered’s readers!  


We all wish you a very Merry Christmas this year!! 
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