Welcome to the penultimate blog post for Blogmas 2022! 

Today, I’ve completed the ‘Christmas With…’ Q&A to give you insight into my own Christmases and who I’ll be spending it with this year…

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 

Since I was little my Mum and I have always done new pyjamas on Christmas Eve night and more recently we’ve started attending the Nativity at the Church I was christened in and then going to a nearby restaurant for Pizza and Baileys! I also like to watch The Santa Clause because it’s my favourite Christmas movie!

Who will you be spending this year’s Christmas with? 

My Mum and her cat; Millie, and my bunny; Luna!

What time do you get up on Christmas Day? Is that for a particular reason?  

 When I was little, my Mum would set a time, but now I’m older and have my own home, I usually get up around 10am.

What’s for breakfast? 

Chocolate and Bucks Fizz! 

When do you open presents? 

When I lived with my Mum I would put all my presents on her bed and open them first thing! Now, I open them when I get to her house at some point in the early afternoon.

What has been your favourite gift of all-time? 

My HP laptop that my Mum bought me last year. My laptop had broken a while before Christmas, so I’d had to adjust to using my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and when my Mum gave me a laptop table/tray I was trying to think how I could use it with my iPad and then she surprised me with the laptop! It’s meant a lot because it feels like a true illustration of my Mum’s support and understanding of how important my blog is for me and my mental health.

What has been the most favourite gift you’ve given someone else? 

Hmmm… Probably when I gave my godchildren ‘handmade’ Advent Calendars a few years ago. I bought the wooden houses with drawers in from The Works and had so much fun finding little gifts to go in each drawer. I also loved that it meant they were getting a present from me every day of December.

Did you ask for anything this year? If so, what?  

Since I got older, I usually just email my Mum a list of things I would like and then she tends to get half for Christmas and half for my Birthday (February 1st) so that I’m getting what I need but don’t know when I’ll be getting it! We’re also going to do a few surprises for each other.

Do you wear anything special on Christmas Day? 

I used to; especially when I was with my ex because we would visit my family and his, but now it’s me and Mum, I tend to go for something nice but cosy too! Probably leggings and a new Christmassy jumper or cardigan.

What time is Christmas Dinner (you can use your own definition for this)? 

 Probably around 1 – 2pm – depends how successful my Mum’s cooking is!            

What’s your favourite food and drink on Christmas Day?  

I like that you can eat chocolate at any point during the day and it’s totally acceptable! And I like Baileys because it feels like a real festive, Christmassy drink.

Four things you do between 1pm and 6pm: 

1.    Have Christmas Dinner

2.    Watch a movie

3.    Make a start on eating the buffet tea!

4.    Finish opening presents

Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? If so, anything in particular? 

Mum and I usually have a film we decide we both want to watch – something from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – and then we’ll put on whatever is on the usual TV channels

What’s your favourite festive movie? 

 The Santa Clause

How do you spend your evening and night? 

I probably spend a few more hours with my Mum and then head home for some blogging and time with my cat and bunny!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! 

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