The One Where Our Ward Manager Left

Today was the day our Ward Manager said she'd have 1:1's with us; some of the girls decided not to see her because they're new to the ward or hate goodbyes but she told me she had something to say to me so I went along. I had a feeling it'd be a motivational speech and it started out as one... She told me that I'm bright and have a good future waiting, then we had a bit of a chat about mental health stigma and she told me a story about her sister's work in A&E then she gave me a card... I debated posting it on here because it's personal but I think it'll help for people to see what kind of hospital I'm in... So; this is how thoughtful some of the staff can be:

Dear Aimee,
Just a few lines to say goodbye and wish you good luck for your future and for your recovery.

You continue to work hard to effect the changes you need to achieve recovery and at times it can be very painful and difficult for you. I have witnessed your distress and despair and frustration - at times this is difficult to see and your emotional pain is so very evident. You work so hard to get through these difficult experiences, using your DBT skills, distracting yourself and trying to calm yourself - well done!
You are sometimes resistant to interventions and isolate yourself but I feel, when you reflect, you acknowledge that we have only your best interests at heart (even if you can't tell us that yet!). I do feel that, as time goes by, you are learning to trust more and I sincerely hope this continues and that you feel more and more able to talk to staff.
You are a lovely young lady with a wicked sense of humour and a kind heart; you are bright and clever too. Use all of these assets to effect your recovery and achieve anything and everything you want. Life is there waiting for Aimee to get stuck in and carve a niche for herself. Your ideas about working to get proper local services for women with BPD are brilliant - go for it. I think you can achieve anything you want.
It has been a pleasure to know you and I want only that you continue to use this placement wisely to help you to get back into society and enjoy a happy, health and fulfilled life.
Look out world, Aimee is on her way!!

Take very good care. Be happy.
Best wishes

She asked if it'd be ok for her to ring the ward occasionally to ask how I was doing and I agreed but I also reminded her that I have this blog if she ever wants to hear it from my perspective so in the event you're reading this our lovely Ward Manager; I wish you all the best with your future and a massive thank you for giving me this opportunity and thinking I was worth it. It means the world and I genuinely hope I do you proud.
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