The Successful 'Drop-Off'

I just wanted to let you all know about my Home Leave!
That's right, these maddos let me out into the public! Not without staff though, obviously. Though it was my first drop-off (meaning the two staff went off to the beach and shops) so it felt quite weird to be without hang-ons.
My Mum and I met my Grandad (my Mum's Dad) at an Italian restaurant; they both had Sunday dinner but I had pasta though since I haven't been eating properly I felt sick after barely half of it and then I felt bad because I didn't even pay! The entertainment for the meal came in the form of a woman choking (I know, I know; I shouldn't laugh) and someone she was with had to give her the Heimlick manoeuvre! They caused a right commotion!
After lunch, Mum and I walked home and watched the DVD I just bought called The Life of Pi; it was actually quite good considering the poor reviews I'd heard. It was very deep, meaningful and had a twist at the end but I wasn't watching it properly so I'll have to watch it again! My Mum gave me two arts and crafts sets and one was a cross stitch, it had a plastic needle so I was unsure if I'd be allowed it so I begun it at home. It was good, I spent the whole afternoon concentrating on it and since it took all of my concentration it meant I didn't have time to think about being picked up at half 5. Another lovely part about the afternoon was that my cat sat on my lap! She's used to there being strangers in the sitting room with me so she usually stays upstairs but since it was just me and Mum, she was brave enough to sit on me!

The staff pulled up at quarter past and we left. There's this place on the way back and whenever we get to it I end up crying; I think  it's because I realise I'm actually going back at that point. But I read my book, listened to my music and thought about what I could eat at the services! So no crying! I told the qualified nurse who'd come (I have to have a nurse to administer my meds) and she asked what had changed "me. And the voices. My head's empty... Well, it's full of me! And it's lovely just having me there."
I got some food in M&S and felt my mood dip as we got nearer the Hospital but I was determined not to let it get to me and not to get bad enough to need my PRN meds (another first; not needing PRN on Home Leave).

Now I'm back and I've had a shower and am watching a film, once I've handed in my laptop I'm going to do my cross stitch before bed!
A good day was had by all!

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