TV Review: Don't Call Me Crazy, Episode 3

This episode was the last in the series, sadly.
The episode opened with Matty (the new admission) and originally they said he has psychotic episodes and I was quite interested in hearing about that as it's been said before that I can have those but then a Nurse said they were more down to a traumatic past and they only occurred at distressing times. I found this similar to BPD as the hallucinations and things that may be considered psychotic with BPD sufferers, are usually stress-related.
The episode then moved on to George, a rugby player who began suffering from depression and made a suicide attempt whilst on a scholarship. It was interesting to see the programme tackle the issue of young male's having mental health problems because it's not a topic often covered as the programme said most men are more likely to just take themselves off and not ask for help or talk about their difficulties.
I don't like that they have the Ward Round without the patient there; I would hate the thought of everyone talking about me and making plans about my life without me being involved of being able to have a say. One of the key features in my Ward Rounds is that the staff will make knee-jerk decisions on my leaves based on my presentation and sometimes I'll be able to explain things better and convince them to change their mind. The perfect example of that is when Beth's meds are changed and she's merely told they've been changed and not asked about it. I've always hated only have Ward Round once a fortnight because at the local Psychiatric Hospital where I live the Doctor's on the Ward every day and you see them most of the time. Now, I'm grateful that I'm even involved.

I thought it was good how the programme covered more about hearing voices and the different coping strategies the sufferer's use to get through the loud moments.
"I used to just bottle it all up, but it's just helped me speaking to people"
It was interesting to see George making decisions about his future while he was on the ward because that's something I've been struggling with recently because it's difficult to plan your future when you so often plan your death. It's also a struggle to match people's expectations with realistic goals you can achieve while you are the way you are.
I'm so pleased they showed Beth's discharge before the series ended! I really hope that she didn't just comply with the treatment programme to be discharged and that she genuinely is better!
Amazing series and I hope there's more of them!

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