Welcome to I’m NOT Disordered! 

Over the years, I’ve found many reasons to add a Disclaimer to my blog…

Firstly, when I was diagnosed, the Disorder was labelled Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and though I now recognize it is titled Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), I mostly use BPD when talking about my experiences and ‘symptoms.’ This isn’t meant as any sort of slight or dismiss of EUPD, just that even its diagnostic criteria feel completely different to the method used to diagnose me. Having not been reassessed under these revised criteria, I believe it would be ‘incorrect’ to assume my BPD diagnosis had automatically morphed into EUPD. Again, that is no slight to the criteria professionals now use to make this diagnosis.

Secondly, my blog posts focus on my experiences of the symptoms related to BPD, they are not to be utilised as a guide to diagnosing yourself – or a loved one – with this mental illness. However, if you find yourself reading my content and relating to it to a particular extent, I recommend you seek help and support from a relevant professional.

Thirdly, some posts may have ‘Ad’ in their title, I usually try to explain the reason for that in the post. In case I fail to in some instances; the criteria to warrant that label is usually that the post is promoting an organisation, or a product. Occasionally, this means that I have been gifted an item or that an organisation have provided me with some sort of opportunity. Please know that I would never publish these posts to ‘boast’ or ‘show-off’ in any way and be confident in the fact that I realise how fortunate and lucky I am to be honoured with such incredible opportunities and real privileges. However, I am a firm believer that I’ve earnt and been deserving of every single achievement I’ve experienced. Not once have I sat back and expected things to be handed to me on a platter. I’ve worked hard because I recognise how satisfying it is to feel the rewards of doing so. 

Finally, I take full responsibility for every single word, and every single comma, and every single image, in the content I produce on I’m NOT Disordered. I do so, because I’ve learnt that taking responsibility for your actions is one of the most sensible and respectful acts a person can do. In connection with this I cannot, however, take responsibility for how a reader reacts – whether that be through feeling or actions – to the content I publish. I accept that my posts can be an inspiration or an influence though, and for this reason; I try to regulate the mention of potentially upsetting topics. I always keep in mind though, that reducing stigma around these subjects will only be achieved the more they are talked about.

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