For Mum - A Poem

Right from the beginning,
It was always you and I,
You taught me all I knew,
And watched me as I grew
I loved my shelter,
My cotton wool protection,
You showed me ‘happy’ and ‘perfect,’
And then it was wrecked
He broke my shelter,
He shredded my cotton wool,
He stole my happiness, perfection, safety and innocence,
All in an instance
He made me bleed,
He told me not to tell,
Tried to turn me against you,
But rather than deal, I flew
You stopped me,
You saved me,
Brought me back to the ground,
And made me turn around
To face the anger,
To face the blame,
To the face the pain
And learn I’d never be the same

You gave me hope,
You taught me determination,
You showed me strength,
That knew no lengths
Now we’re facing a whole new battle,
And although we’re still battered and bruised,
Tired and drained,
It’s my turn to make sure we don’t wane
I’ll give you hope,
I’ll show you my strength
I’ll give you all I know,
Because it was you who made me grow
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