Exciting Times....

I just wanted to let you all know that we have some very exciting things lined up for the blog; we have some special and important people lined up to contribute with guest posts, these include;
  • a senior person for Time to Change
  • a Youth Engagement officer from YoungMinds
  • one of the young people featured on the Diaries of a Broken Mind documentary
  • a poet/author
  • the Editor of Creative Voice for Rethink
And more!!!!
I hope you all stay with us for these exciting times! And I just wanted to randomly thank everyone reading my blog; you have no clue how much I appreciate it.

If anyone reading this would like to write a guest post for I'm NOT Disordered and I haven't already approached you, then please e'mail me at aimeewilson@live.co.uk or message the blog's Facebook page! 
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