The Pink Mile

Hi! Today I got to go home for the day! It was really lovely. I remembered all the times when I'd have ran away and I'd be coming back on a bus or a train and once I saw the defining parts of my hometown, I'd be sad because I knew it meant the cycle was going to start all over again; I'd go home, get sad, run away, overdose and be coming back again within the week. But now? Well, I feel at peace when I start to get nearer to home because to move back to that area would be progress. It'd be a step forward and not the beginning of more crap. And I wish I'd always felt like this about home but I'm so glad I do now!
I got a cuddle from my cat pretty much straight away...

In the afternoon, Mum and I did the Pink Mile which is a mile long walk in support of breast cancer. We had a really nice time and the walk was along the path in the dunes so it was nice to spend so much time beside the sea. I totally took living in a seaside town for granted until I came to this Hospital that's nowhere near the sea!
Here's some pics:

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