Barluga & Keys!

This afternoon, I went with my Commissioner to sign my tenancy for my 'forever home.'
I have until December 1st to decorate and furnish it and then I pick my kitten up and we move in! I'm so excited to finally have a stable base. I know I was in Hospital for a few years and for that time, it was my home but it was temporary. As is this bungalow on the grounds of the local psych hospital. I plan to live in my 'forever home' until I meet a guy and we move in together. I can't wait to see all of my ideas and buys come together in this one home with a new kitten who'll be good company!

 This evening, I met up with Lauren who'd been my bestfriend before Hospital and before I met Chelsea. We went to this lovely restaurant near my bungalow and even though we've barely properly spoken in the two years I was away at hospital, it was as though we'd seen each other yesterday. I'm learning that how amazing friends are isn't deemed by how often you see them but by their ability to stick around through everything and for you to be able to pick back up where you left off. But better.
I love the friends I have around me now even if I can probably count them on one hand. I feel like, in my recovery, I've learnt so much that I never realised would be part of my recovery. In thawing my heart, I am no longer numb. Not only can I now (finally) love myself, but I can also love my girls. Love my friends. My family. Appreciate them.


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