New Recovery Goal & The Christmas Party

So, it's been brought to my attention that I left things on a downer in my last post, and I wanted to put your minds at ease, by assuring you all that things have improved.
I pushed myself to attend the College Christmas Party and it was so good! We made some paper chains, had lots of food, laughs, and Christmas Sing-A-Longs!

I also, introduced myself to the manager as I found out I got onto the Peer Support Development. Programme starting in January. This course, is pretty much what most who attend Recovery College are aiming for as it opens the gateway to have a Peer Support job with the NHS. So, I introduced myself and explained how I'd been told there'd be paid Peer Support roles coming up within the next 6-12 months and I said "I'll have done the Development Programme and facilitated by own workshop by then, so will that put me in a good position to apply?" And she said 'yes, definitely.'
Since getting my kitten (Dolly) I realised that she had been my goal for so long in my recovery and that once I had her, I needed something else to aim for. I've struggled to think of this. So now, being in the best position possible to apply for a Peer Support job is my new recovery goal
Dolly Update
It has become apparent that many of you have fallen in love with my new kitten; Dolly, so here's an update! She's settled in very well! However, we've had two incidences... She literally, SHIT MY BED. TWICE!! The first time, I was washing the duvet cover so had (stupidly) put the duvet back on the bed and she went and shit on that! So, at 11pm, I had to put it in my wheelie bin and go buy a new one the next morning! I was furious! She uses her litter tray so there's no excuse! She's now locked out of my bedroom and only goes in when I'm there. Her recent 'thing' at the moment is that she runs and jumps at things now... Her scratch post, the settee, a dining room chair, my leg, visitor's legs and the Christmas tree!
She's very content; is forever purring and she's very happy and loved.  

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