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Note: These are the first products I have been gifted:

St Kitt's Skin Care, Nourishing Oil
I wasn't too amazed by the scent of this product, but I figured that it wasn't perfume so it shouldn't matter so much. Describe the smell? Urm, just really 'herby'? Like eye wateringly so? I used this Oil around my eyes and the sides of my nose as these are the parts that get the most dry. I have such dark under-eye circles that I have to use so much make-up to cover them so when I take my make-up off at night, I find my skin is really dry. In this way, the Oil has helped me a lot even though I've only applied it about four times, I've noticed the difference. Also, getting rid of the dryness, has meant my make-up sits better on my skin too. I was slightly worried that this product would be too greasy with it being 'Oil' but it only felt too much on my fingers so a quick hand wash, and it was fine. Also, I used my face moisturiser and spot treatment on top of this product and they eliminated the smell!  
I did find it really soothing though, so I'm giving it a 6/10

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St Kitt's Skin Care, Lip Balm
I loved this product! I don't really wear lip gloss or lipstick - though I'd like to start doing so after seeing my best friend's awesome red/berry lips etc. So, I usually just use lip balms when the months are colder and my lips get chapped and dry. My only criticism was that with it being a little tub, it was hard to use when I had my false nails on!
This one gets a 7/10

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