Having Quality Time At Home

I seem to write a lot about attending events but there are days when I have no appointments, no to-do list and no blogging to do, when I get to just spend the day at home. So, I thought it'd be nice to share with you guys my favourite things to do at home. Time at home, to yourself and for yourself is essential in maintaining a good mental health.

My favourite thing to do when I'm home is to spend time with my cat. She keeps me company and gives me someone to talk to! She's always around for a cuddle and her skittish and daft moments make me giggle! 

My Mum buys all the magazines when they come out and so, once she's had a flick through, they all get passed down to me. This might sound weird but I find reading a book, like on my kindle is something to do before a nap or at nighttime, whereas magazines are more daytime reading! I love checking out the latest trends, tearing out beauty products I want to buy, getting inspiration for my home, and reading the dramatic true life stories. 

I am a massive fan of Grey's Anatomy (what is playing on the tv in the photo below). I have seasons 1-10 on DVD and made the mistake of following Twitter during the broadcast of the live series in the US and witnessed a huge spoiler! Since then, I'm adamant to continue following the show so that I can see how the spoiler plays out. I've even bought season 10 twice because I was so excited! My favourite drink at home is to get some ice cubes from the freezer and some Diet Coke. 

At least once a week I try to have a few hours of pampering at home. I'll paint my toe nails, put new false nails on my fingers, use a hair mask, put on a face pack and have a shower where I'll use a body scrub and put some tan on. In Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT: the recommended therapy for Personality Disorders) this is known as self-soothing and is widely accepted as a means of maintaining a good mental health. I enjoy it. I guess I look at it as that for years I've hurt my body and put it through hell, so it deserves a little pampering and to be spoilt. 

When it's dark and cold outside, I love to light all the candles and fairy lights in the sitting room, to make it smell good and feel cosy. My favourite scents for candles are fresh cotton and rose. I've tried the 3 wick candles from Primark but found that they don't spread throughout my home, probably because of their price. I've also found that Yankee Candles don't quite cut it so I use a variation of brands from T K Maxx. I've got a lot of fairy lights from Primark and Home Bargains, at the moment I'm liking the look of lots of lights gathered into a vase or similar.

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