Christmas 2015: Blyth Christmas Market | 'Ad'

This year, I was kindly invited to my second Christmas Market (I've only ever attended the Newcastle one around two years ago). Originally, the market was planned to be held in our actual market square that is right in the middle of the town centre and its shops, but the wind meant it had to be hosted inside the little shopping centre.
Personally, I like Christmas markets for the homemade food! The cupcakes, shortbread... Yum!

There was also a stall that caught my attention which was more savoury and meat goods:
01670 352287

The handmade jewellery etc isn't my kind of style but for those who it is, I think there are some great pieces available.

Betty's Handmade

I didn't end up buying anything from the stalls as I picked up some bargains in the new Pound Shop, but I did eventually find mulled wine which was absolutely gorgeous!

The decorations and inflate able snow globe bouncy castle and Santa's Grotto were really lovely touches for the children! ... And those of us are yet to grow-up when it comes to Christmastime!

If you'd like to attend a Christmas markets then most of the larger towns will host them, if you keep an eye out on Facebook, local newspapers and other advertisements dotted around the town. However, if you're willing to travel then the Birmingham, Manchester, Hyde Patk, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Belfast Christmas markets, are said to be the greatest in the UK. For more info:>UK

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