24hrs with a Richmond Fellowship Support Worker

24 hours with... Elaine Jackson
Date: 3rd March
Why have you chosen to write about today? 
I’ve spent three hours with Aimee during a support session where we went to Newcastle for holiday shopping (Aimee’s not mine. Jealous!)

What time did you wake up?

Why did you wake up at that time? 
To get to work on time

Did you have a dream? 
I don’t think so

Do you think today will be 'good' or 'bad' day? (use your own definition of these words to answer the question) 
Today will be a good day, I’m excited to see all my people on appointments.

What are the first three things you do after waking up? 
Turn my alarm off, check Facebook and check Twitter. That’s such a bad routine.

Do you eat breakfast? If yes, what did you have? 
I made a smoothie and had that for breakfast.

What would be your perfect breakfast? 
My mother in laws fry up. They are amazing!!!

Is there anything that you have to do today but don't particularly want to? 
Get up early.
List five things that you do between 9am and noon
See first appointment, make calls, reply to emails, drink tea and eat any food put in front of me.

Did you eat lunch? If yes, what did you eat? 
McDonalds. Standard dinner with Aimee! 

What would be your perfect lunch? 
Depends on my mood. I love a bacon, brie and cranberry Panini.

List five things that you have done, said, thought, or that have happened between noon and 5pm.
What have I forgotten? I love shoes! Why are we being looked at (after appearing from under a shutter) Mmm what shall I order? Driven around the North East.

Do you eat dinner/tea? If yes, at what time? 
Yes 7.30pm

What do you eat?
Spag Bol

What would be your perfect dinner? 
Pork Belly

What do you do with your evening (5-8pm)? 
I was working, travelling home and getting tea.

Do you have a 'get-ready-for-bed' routine? If so, what is it? 
Get a pint of water, plug my phone in, get washed then pyjamas and bed.

What time do you go to sleep? 
It varies. That night it was approximately 11.30.

Is this when you want to go to bed? Or is it influenced by what you're doing the following day? 
It is influenced on what I have to do on an evening.

Do you share your bed? 

Which position do you tend to sleep in? e.g. foetus, starfish etc. 
It changes all night so that I’m comfy.

What was your favourite part of your day? 
Laughing at the banter in the car.

What was your least favourite? 
Being stuck in traffic at various points in the day.

Did anything happen today that you'd like to change or re-do? 

Did you 'learn' anything today? (use your own definition of this word to answer the question) 
I learn something new everyday.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow

What do you have planned? 
Volunteering, cleaning my house and getting a curry.
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