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It's crazy to think that I've been a Bloggers for over three years! It's only been during this time that I've discovered other Bloggers and YouTubers who I'm now inspired by. Particularly this year, I've noticed a lot of the negativity that surrounds these people; firstly, there is the media imaging their own front page news, second is the saddest bit; the negativity and competitiveness among fellow Bloggers and YouTubers, and finally, the 'loyal' readers that voice (very loudly) particular opinions on your work ethic and decisions.
Recently, I went on my mini-break to Scarborough and Zoella holiday-ed in Mykonos. And SO many of her followers took to the comments section on her Instagram holiday snaps and declared their conviction that Bloggers and YouTubers, should not take a holiday if it affects their usual uploading (videos or posts) routine. Apparently YouTube and Blogs are now seen as a person's 'job' and many people used the pointless comparison of how 'a firefighter can't take time off work.' And although my success and that of Zoella's are (obviously) on completely different levels, I 100% agree with her response to these comments; it starts out as fun and a hobby but then your following grows and you begin being offered more professional - and perhaps more serious and time consuming - opportunities. You don't start a Blog or YouTube Channel with the mindset that you're entering a career.
And so.... I took a break to Scarborough to see some prettier sights, and for a break from 'work' stuff; I love my blog and the opportunities that come from it, but just like any 'job', I need 'time off.' And so I told myself that I could only use my iPad and iPhone for photos and vlogging during the day; then at night I edited my photos, but ignored the three digits that became attached to my inbox icon, and the two digits for my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

+Virgin Trains East Coast

TransPennine Express Trains

Cliff Lift!

Scarborough Coast Tour Bus
Whitby Town Tour

The Ambassador Hotel

South Bay Beach

Crown Spa Hotel

And the message to take from this post? 
Do not let others determine the journey of your life.

Watch my vlog from this trip here
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