MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK - 8th - 14th May 2017 | Ad

As many of you may know, it is Mental Health Awareness Week this week (Monday 8th May - Sunday 14th May 2017)
Each year, MHAW has a special focus; last year it was on relationships, and this year it is all about how having 'good mental health' is so much more than just the fact the person does not have a 'mental health problem.'
The spin on MHAW this year, is to examine why the amount of people with 'good mental health' is so few rather than focusing on the amount of people living with mental health problems.

Over the next week, I'm NOT Disordered will be publishing posts that will give you an exclusive look into a full day in the life of a different person every day.

In addition to this, tomorrow (9th May) I (Aimee) will be attending Cygnet Healthcare's event specialising in stigma exclusively for Mental Health Awareness Week so to see everything going on at the event; just follow my Twitter: @aimes_wilson and Cygnet's

For more info PLUS resources, reading, surveys, FAQs, and to find out what's happening during MHAW in your local area - or to register your own work this week, visit the Mental Health Org site

See what I'm NOT Disordered did for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

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