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It’s that time of year again!

Some people will probably think this post a little premature: “it’s not even December!” I hear them say… But I think that the majority of people have now started doing the typical Christmassy things by now; buying presents, decorations, look at Christmas photos on Pinterest for ideas of DIYs…
Personally, my Christmas shopping is almost done! Just three more presents, and another gift bag and cards to buy! And yes, I’m one of those annoying who says – whenever the subject of presents comes up – that I won’t be buying much for people and I won’t be buying for as many people as the previous year. And then I find myself with three large gift bags, and eight medium sized ones looking at me in the living room.

I also, have my Christmas tree! Last year, I thought that my tree was one of those ones that have colour co-ordinated branches that match a certain height of the tree and you just slide them in. So, I pulled the branches off – thinking ‘God I must’ve put them in tight!’ to discover that it wasn’t one of those trees. And so, my partner and I were looking at Christmas trees and had narrowed it down to three before Wilkinsons put one of them as 50% the normal price; and our trip into town to do the food shop ended up with us getting a big trolley in Morrisons to stick the tree in! But don’t worry, it isn’t up yet -I usually start decorating around two weeks before the big day.
I’m quite… nervous? Anxious? Worried. About Christmas this year because last year our family cat (who I’d been brought up with for about twelve or thirteen years), was having difficulty breathing on Christmas Day and by tea time on Boxing Day she was being put to sleep. It’s probably up there with my worst memories. It was horrific for my Mum too because during my two years in hospital all the way in Bradford (I live near Newcastle) the cat was really, her only company. So, I don’t know how we’ll both feel, come Christmas. I don’t know if we’ll be opposite with one of us sad and another trying to enjoy the day… At the moment, I really want to just enjoy the day and make that time for us, really special.

One thing I’m good at with Christmas, is writing my list for everyone! This year, I put a list together and halved it for my partner and my Mum and then they’ll be halving it again to do some for Christmas, and some for my Birthday (February 1st).

I thought I’d write about the one big goal that I have for Christmas; something that you can’t buy in stores or Black Friday sales (which, by the way, I absolutely ROCKED this year!)

300,000 readers on I’m NOT Disordered

At the time of writing this post, I have 297,823 and looking at my recent/current statistics, I should definitely hit the mark for – if not for Christmas, then definitely in time for the New Year! I know that numbers aren’t important in blogging; I blog because it helps me and others, and because I enjoy doing it. It’s just that the numbers – the amount of readers you have – reflects the amount of people that are (hopefully) benefiting from my writing. Also, in my statistics you can see the Top Ten countries where your blog is most viewed… 1. US 2. UK 3. Brazil 4. Ukraine 5. Germany 6. India 7. Australia 8. Poland 9. France 10. Ireland Isn’t that crazy to think that my little blog is being read all over the world? Literally; the other side of the world!!!

You’ll no doubt here from me beforehand, but I hope that people have an amazing run-up to the holidays!!!
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