I was solo singing on my own,

Now I can’t find the key without you…

Every day you’re here, I’m healing

And I was runnin’ out of luck

I never thought I’d find this feeling

-       Clean Bandit – Symphony

Some people might say it’s too soon to get a kitten when Dolly was only put to sleep less than a week ago but from the moment I eyes glazed over, I knew it was the right thing to do. Dolly would want me to be happy and without a cat… my house felt like a house and not a home.

As much as I knew it was the right decision, I still couldn’t act on it straight away. I wasn’t going to walk out of the night entrance of Robson and Prescott in tears only to go straight off to buy another cat! I had to be ready to get one. And now? Now feels right. And this kitten feels more than right.

No cat can replace Dolly.

Emmy is neither better nor worse than her.

I love her neither less nor more.

I love her differently. She has her own little personality (she’s playful, excited, loving, and funny) and her own unique quirks (she paws at my face when I stop stroking her, she likes toys that are pulled along the floor, half of her nose is ginger and the other half black, and she comes for her food when you tap the side of her dish).

Our family cat saw me through my illness,

Dolly helped me get into recovery.
And now Emmy will see my future.

It's an honour to say that Emmy came from the amazing Willows Cat Adoption Centre who rescued her after she was found wandering around the streets at an age too young to have left her Mum

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