I hope that this series raises the profile of Cats Protection's work and an awareness that cats aren’t just for Christmas. Pet’s aren’t presents. They need to be given a loving, permanent home and not a one-day excuse for some excitement and a few happy squeals! Pets are a amazing, beautiful and heart-warming commitment. 



Owner: Cats Protection Tyneside Adoption Centre volunteer

Cat’s name: Phoenix (adopted from Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, along with his brother Cosmo, 11 years ago)

Age (in cat years!): 12 years (64 human equivalent)

My cat’s favourite food is… tuna, although he only gets this as a treat every now and then. He tends to enjoy most food though. In fact, he started doing predictions on behalf of Cats Protection for the World Cup earlier this year, by choosing to eat from different bowls with flags on them. The Lorraine show then started featuring his predictions and since then he has also made predictions about Love Island, Bodyguard and the gender of both Christine Lampard and Harry and Megan’s babies (he thinks the latter will be a girl)!

My cat hates…being picked up. Although he does like to snuggle up with us on the sofa in the evenings. Particularly if there’s a cosy rug he can get his claws into!

My cat’s favourite toy is…anything with catnip. He loves the stuff and will happily spend a mad few minutes attacking any toy with it in. He also occasionally enjoys playing fetch with hair bands, although less so as he gets older.

My favourite thing about my cat is…his purr. It has to be the most relaxing sound in the world and instantly helps me to de-stress. In fact, you can hear it at this link: https://soundcloud.com/cats-protection/phoenix-purring I also like the fact that he likes to keep me company when I work from home, although I have to make him a makeshift cat bed on the table to stop him wandering across the keyboard!

Note: Cats Protection generally does not home cats over Christmas, as many cats do not settle well into a new home during this very busy time of year, but cats and kittens can be reserved for adoption so that they can be collected early in the New Year!
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