Today five days until the Richmond Fellowship Enrich awards 2019. I’m very proud to have been on the judging panel to shortlist all of the nominations and to now be co-chairing the entire ceremony as well as taking over the Richmond Fellowship Tyneside Twitter account!

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Every day for the next week, there’ll be a new post of ‘60 seconds with…’ someone involved in the Awards. I hope you enjoy!

Name and job title:
Will Fisher, Senior Practitioner, Midlands Locality.
How long have you worked at Richmond Fellowship?
Five years.
What drew you to this role?
I knew I wanted to work in mental health since about the age of 15. I had a tough time in my teenage years and really appreciated the compassion friends and family gave me. From then I knew I wanted to be that compassionate person for other people. I started out as a Recovery Worker with the aim of getting experience and moving on, but along the way I fell in love with the voluntary sector. That’s why I’m still here!
What advice would you give to someone considering a similar career?
Theories and techniques are useful, but nothing is more potent than being with someone, as a human being, during their darkest moments. Things can be trying at times and it is how we respond to these pressures that matters. Stay true to yourself and your values – the people you support will benefit and you will flourish as a result.
How do you feel about being nominated for an ENRICH award?
The team at Leicestershire Life Links have worked really hard to make it the outstanding success that it is. They have an amazing work ethic, endless compassion and support each other greatly. I’m proud to have been part of their success but this nomination really is for them. I’d have nominated them in every category if I could have!
What does a typical day at work involve?
Good question! My role is really varied. Some days I’m in Leicester updating our websites or helping develop training, other days I’m in Derby assisting with specific projects. It all depends on what service needs arise and who wants me when. I’ve recently had time to support people using our services, which is something I’ve really missed.
What have you got on today?
I’m on the train back from some Hearing Voices Network training in London. It was delayed (surprise) so I have a bit of spare time.
What is the best thing about your job?
Working across several services keeps things exciting and I get to meet so many great people. I also get a sense of the strength of our locality and the amount of people who have experienced recovery with us.
What is the hardest part of your day?
Getting delayed on trains! That or a lack of coffee – black, no sugar thanks.
What do you usually have for lunch?
I’m a ‘fussy vegetarian’. I don’t like condiments or weird chutneys or any of that posh stuff. I usually stick to soup but might dare have an egg sandwich.
What do you do in your spare time?
I play a bit of guitar but mostly I’m an avid gamer, particularly anything Mario related. It makes me nostalgic, my childhood was awesome!
What would your superpower be?
I’d be Spiderman – any excuse to wear spandex.
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