Name: Georgie
Age: 26
Location: Newcastle

Why did you agree to take part in this

Special request by my favourite blogger and of course because it’s important to talk
mental health!

At what age do you think you first began
to take notice of your body image?

Probably about 11/12

What made you take notice?
Being a competitive gymnast it was always encouraged to be
the ‘perfect’ body type to be successful.

Would you say that your thoughts on your
body image began as positive or negative?

Negative, I remember thinking I didn’t ‘fit’

Why do you think that was?
Being naturally tall, I had very long legs that were
different to my friends.

How have your thoughts on your body
image changed over time?

It’s taken a long time, but I love my body now and embrace
all the lumps and bumps as it is

In what way do you think your thoughts
on your body image impact your mental health?

For a long time my only emotion I remember was ‘feeling fat’,
and when having treatment for Anorexia the only emotion I felt was fat, looking
back now I realize that ‘feeling’ was actually an emotion I didn’t know how to
label. Learning that these feelings were actually sadness or anger made a huge
difference on how I view myself!

What do you think about the media’s
portrayal of body image?

The media is both a positive and negative tool for body imagine. Scrolling
through Instagram you see a post about ‘body positivity’ followed by a post
about weight loss aids. Very mixed messages!

If you could say one thing (about body
image) to people, what would it be?

The only person that’s allowed to have an opinion on your own
body is you! You only have one body; no dress size, diet or picture is worth
damaging yourself for an unrealistic reality.
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