So, I know I’m NOT Disordered is all about mental health and that my posts are usually very deep and meaningful with lots of talk about difficult subjects like self-harm and abuse; but the blog began for my own gain and enjoyment and it’d be sad to lose that when I really enjoy doing these sorts of posts too… Originally, I started blogging for many reasons but it was largely to do with the fact that I enjoyed writing and found it very therapeutic and beneficial to my mental health. Perhaps I’m NOT Disordered wouldn’t be so popular if I found it more of a chore and considered it to be more like work.

There has to be a balance though; with my blog now having over half a million readers, I can’t exactly half ass it and stop putting so much dedication and effort into the content. Well, I could; but I’d feel as though I were letting a lot of people – including myself – down by failing to provide  the helpful, validating, reassuring, safe space that  I feel – and have been told – I’ve created in continuing to dedicate a large part of my time and effort to I’m NOT Disordered. I guess it’s no surprise that from the outside, my blogging and social media posting is often mistakenly labelled work and I’m frequently being advised to take time ‘off.’ I just don’t think I could justify calling this work when I enjoy it as much as I do!

Having now blogged for over seven years (you can read I’m NOT Disordered’s Birthday post here) and having as many readers as I do, I feel that I’m maybe now qualified to give advice and tips to other Bloggers or potential Bloggers. After recently signing a contract with O2 for the iPad 7th generation in the 10.2” screen size, I was inspired to write this post about products and items that I’d advise you own to aid in your Blogging adventures!!


A Fancy Pen: Gold Twist Pen – Dangling ‘A’ : £8.00

Pretty Highlighters: Stabilo Pastel & Neon Highlighters : £8.00

The Traditional Pens: Blue Gel Pens – Pack of Five : £4.00 

For when you have a small handbag: Tranquil Slim Pencil Case : £2.00 

For your bigger handbags: Discovery Pencil Pouch : £2.50 

For bored doodles in meetings: Tranquil Pencil Set : £1.00 


To look official: Hypernatural Flip Reporters Notebook A5 : £0.40 

Something cheap & simple: Discovery A6 Exercise Book – 3 Pack : £1.50 

A pretty Notebook small enough for your handbag: Agenzio Soft Blush Grid Small Notebook :  £9.00 

For the multiple collaborations & partnerships: Discovery A4 Project Book : £4.00

To reflect on your busy days: Tranquil Reflection Journal : £2.50 

A trendy Diary: Newstalgia Week to View Diary : £2.00

For making simple notes from phone calls: Sentiments Memo Block :  £1.25

To make your notebook pretty & readable: Sentiments Organizer Essentials : £1.00 

To make things a little more straightforward: Discovery Post-It Note Set : £2.00 


For basically a more portable Laptop(!): Apple iPad 2019 : £332.61 or available on contract from £20.69 per month 

For the important conference calls: Apple iPhone 7 : £379.00 or available on contract from £32.92 per month

To do the blogging(!): HP Stream 11.6” Laptop : £179.00 

In case you fancy taking up a bit of vlogging or photographing gifted products: Sony Cybershot Compact Digital Camera : £79.99 

To make event photos a bit more special: Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – in Purple : £74.99


A necessity for the below item with most Apple devices: Apple USB-C to 3.5mm Heaphone Jack Adapter : £6.99 

To listen to your music on the train to events: Apple Earpods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug : £29.00

To get the right angle on your pics: SYOSIN Selfie Stick : £8.99 

To make charging your multiple devices 
that bit easier: Kikkerland Handy USB Hub : £6.00

                                                                                             For the perfect light in your blog & social media                                                                                                   photos: KobraTech Selfie Ring Light : £14.99 

For when you can’t take your laptop to the meetings and events: Upworld iPad 7th Generation Case : £25.99
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