Merry Christmas! And welcome to post twenty-five; the final post in Blogmas 2020 with I’m NOT Disordered!

Today, I’ll be doing a quick round-up of the series with my favourite parts from each post!


December 1st saw the introduction to the series with some reminiscing on previous Christmassy blog posts, and a few words on what to expect from this year’s Blogmas.

December 2nd was the first recommendation of the series and I decided to kick it off with tips and information on different coping skills for a variety of Christmassy scenarios, ranging from pressures around food, to feeling undeserving. I especially enjoyed writing about the ‘pressure to be happy’ that is so prominent and powerful particularly at this time of year.

December 3rd was the second recommendation and I feel honoured to say that it was in collaboration with Wilko who very kindly gifted me a Christmas tree and various decorations for it! My favourite part of this post was definitely filming putting up that tree, though I also enjoyed putting together the little gift guide from some of their products.

December 4th was the third recommendation, and this was about organizational skills. I decided to do something a bit different in using the website; Canva, to create various ‘worksheets’ as methods of organizing a variety of aspects in your life. They ranged from recipe cards to keeping track of your usage of your therapy skills. I think my favourite design was the ‘Travel Planner’ where I provided space to record your trip’s itinerary, your packing list, and kept room on there for any extra notes.

December 5th was the fourth recommendation, and, in this post, I created a gift guide ‘for everyone in your life.’ I found myself getting a little bit carried away with this post because I found so many presents suitable for each of the different categories (ranging from Neighbours and Colleagues to family and friends). So, I ended up restricting myself to three gifts for each category! I tried to pick items that would work for the person no matter what their personality, hobbies, or personal interests were.

December 6th was the fifth recommendation which was in collaboration with my favourite high street store for beauty, Superdrug. I firstly wrote a little bit about the importance of self-care and what it means to me; and then I picked out some products that would make perfect gifts. At the end of the post, I had a collaboration with Made by Georgia Mai and I picked out my favourite products from the store before giving readers a discount code!

December 7th was the sixth recommendation and the entirety of it was my own Christmas Wishlist. I reigned in my enjoyment though by only choosing three items from each of my three favourite sites to order online from: Amazon, ASOS, and T K Maxx. I couldn’t decide whether to keep the list realistic or choose items that really would be wishful thinking; so, I did some of both.

December 8th was the seventh recommendation and I’m happy to say that it was in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence – a brilliant education site who specialise in online learning in a huge variety of different subjects and topics. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about my experiences of education and choosing my favourite modules of the nine courses I found to be the ones I liked best on their site.

December 9th was the eighth recommendation, and it was another collaboration – this time with my favourite store for arts and crafts supplies; The Works. I picked out a few products from their Christmas range and thoroughly enjoyed decorating a plain, wooden advent calendar and a plain, wooden box for two of my best-friends!

December 10th was the nineth recommendation and for it, I chose five stores and linked my favourite Christmas decorations from each of them. I really enjoyed living vicariously through this blog post and picking decoration I may not be able to afford or have room in my home for!

December `11th was the tenth recommendation and it was a very proud collaboration with Bandana Bowtique. My favourite brand for bandanas for your pets kindly allowed me to design a few Christmassy bandanas as well as supplying readers with a discount code.

December 12th was the eleventh recommendation, and it gave me the pleasure of looking through Pinterest for Christmas food recipes! I had actually originally planned to just collaborate with a supermarket and recommend some of their Christmassy foods but felt this was a bit more imaginative and unique.

December 13th was the twelfth recommendation, and it gave me the opportunity to get back on Pinterest! This time, I was looking at Christmassy drinks, recipes, and boy, did I have fun finding all these multicoloured cocktails! I especially liked looking at the recipes involving my favourite Christmassy drink, Baileys.

December 14th was the thirteenth recommendation, and it was in collaboration with one of my favourite low-end high street stores; B&M. For this post, I decided to look through the store’s website and pick out Christmas decorations and then I chose my favourite gifts for all different groups of people.

December 15th was the fourteenth recommendation, and it was all about picking out my favourite Christmas movies and the most memorable quotes from each. I also included links to buy each movie.

December 16th was the fifteenth recommendation, and it was in collaboration with my favourite online retailer; ASOS. Firstly, I put in an order with them and filmed a little unboxing of the haul. Then I decided to go through the website and pick out some of my favourite Winter bits, before choosing some decorations and perfect items to gift.

December 17th was the sixteenth recommendation, and it was in collaboration with O2. I took the post as an opportunity to choose ten of my favourite apps and some of my favourite devices from my own mobile network.

December 18th was the seventeenth recommendation, and I went through Amazon looking for gifts for seventeen different hobby categories! Since I had come up with so many categories I decided to only find three gifts for each, but it was fun thinking of what so many different types of people would like and enjoy.

December 19th was the eighteenth recommendation, and I again used ASOS to find a few different Christmassy clothing pieces for the different occasions around Christmas e.g. family time, Christmas parties, and even carol services! I also picked out pieces for men!

December 20th was the nineteenth recommendation about my six favourite books, the benefits they bring to your mental health, my favourite quotes from each, and how I can relate to them. Honestly? Of course, I loved reading the books and choosing the quotes, but I really really loved creating the images and seeing the end result.

December 21st was the twentieth recommendation, and for this post, I looked through the entire Christmas section of the Paperchase website and picked out my favourite gift-wrapping pieces. These varied from wrapping paper to ribbons and bows!

December 22nd was the twenty-first recommendation, and in it, I chose my favourite Christmas songs and picked out some of the lyrics for each as well as including a music video from YouTube for each song.

December 23rd was the twenty-second recommendation, and it was in collaboration with the Social Media Manager from the support group LEAPS and the Blogger behind the mental health blog, Gum On My Shoe!

December 24th (Christmas Eve) I published all the photos I'd taken for each day since the beginning of Blogmas! 


I really, really hope that you’ve all enjoyed Blogmas this year and that the amount of time and effort that has gone into these posts has shown and been worth it!

Merry Christmas!

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