Welcome to Day Thirteen of Blogmas 2022

Today, I’ve teamed up with one of my Richmond Fellowship Recovery Workers; Samantha Boak to bring you a bit of insight into her Christmas…


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 


On Christmas Eve me and my family have party food and watch Christmas programmes on TV. My little boy likes to sprinkle his reindeer dust out in the garden so Santa can find us, and we leave a carrot, mince pies and milk out for Santa and the reindeers.

Who will you be spending this year’s Christmas with? 


My little Boy, Husband and my Husband’s Family on Christmas Day.

On Boxing Day, we go to my mum’s house for more party food games and some Fizz!



What time do you get up on Christmas Day? Is that for a particular reason?  


We usually get up quite early around 6am! The reason is I am waiting for my son to wake up so we can go and see if Santa and the Rudolph have eaten their treats!



What’s for breakfast? 


Croissants and Pancakes with fresh orange and a selection box!



 When do you open presents? 


My husband and I usually open our presents on Christmas Eve when the little one I asleep.

So, we can enjoy our little one opening his as soon as we run down the stairs on Christmas Day!


What has been your favourite gift of all-time? 


This one is tricky! But I love sentimental gifts, and I was given a keyring with my nana’s ashes in for Christmas after she passed away.



What has been the most favourite gift you’ve given someone else? 


I got my mum Elton John tickets, and she was so happy!!


 Did you ask for anything this year? If so, what? 


I asked Santa for a smart watch so I can count my steps. But my main ask if pjs! I love new pjs at Christmas.



Do you wear anything special on Christmas Day? 


I usually wear comfortable clothes so I can eat all day! So usually new Pjs.



What time is Christmas Dinner (you can use your own definition for this)? 


 2 o’clock usually, but I am cooking this year so it could be anytime until 6pm!! LOL



What’s your favourite food and drink on Christmas Day?  


Stuffing and pigs in blankets for food! And Bucks Fizz is a must on Christmas day



Four things you do between 1pm and 6pm: 

1.        Usually still trying to set up my son’s games and toys off Santa

2.         Have lunch and Pudding

3.       Play Games usually a game of Bingo!

4.          Relax later with some TV

Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? If so, anything in particular? 


Usually watch whatever Christmas programmes are on the TV, nothing in particular



What’s your favourite festive movie? 





How do you spend your evening and night? 


Relaxing with Family and usually I will attempt to make my living room look a little more organised and not like a toy shop!



Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with I’m NOT Disordered’s readers!  


We all wish you a very Merry Christmas this year!! 


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