Welcome to Day Twenty-One of Blogmas 2022

Today, I’ve teamed up with the legendary and very lovely Comedian, Dave Chawner to bring you a bit of insight into his Christmas…

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 

In my village, everyone who went to my school used to go to this one pub on Christmas Eve. The year I’d left school and gone to Uni I was so excited to see everyone and catch up. However, that Christmas morning I was somewhat ‘delicate’. But, as time has gone on, people have had kids, got jobs and moved on. So, I’ll be honest, I stopped doing that the first year I went, and I walked into the pub and it was filled with these young kids, none of whom I recognised, and none of whom seemed to be old enough to drink. It was then that I realised that I was officially old.

Who will you be spending this year’s Christmas with? 

I’m going to be spending it with my Mum this year, and some family friends. It’s really sweet, they’re always really touched I spent Christmas with them and go all out. Plus, they’re really good craic, so it’s always fun

What time do you get up on Christmas Day? Is that for a particular reason?  

I actually don’t have a time - when my body starts craving coffee

What’s for breakfast? 

Normally something dull like a piece of toast because there’s more to look forward to such as opening presents which we do straight away.

When do you open presents? 

Oh, wait, have I just answered this one? Whoops! Yeah, we do presents straight away. When we were kids, we’d go into my Mum & Dads room and my sister, and I would open them on the bed. Now it’s just me and my Mum, and it’s a bit lower key, but still fun.

What has been your favourite gift of all-time? 

This is one of those questions, where someone is going to say that their grandma got them a watch and they’ve never taken it off or something, and I’m going to say something like “a PlayStation” and look like a shallow dick. But truth is, I honestly don’t know. When you’re a kid the things that are exciting would bring no enjoyment now and vice versa. I’ve certainly found, as I get older, I genuinely appreciate body spray - it means I don’t have to buy it. However, when I was a teenager, I just thought that was Aunty Betty telling me that I stank

What has been the most favourite gift you’ve given someone else? 

A couple of years ago my parents took me on holiday with my sister to St Ives. It was the first year I’d got a job and was working, and it was a brilliant holiday. On the last day of the holiday, we’d been wandering around all the lovely little streets and seen a picture in a gallery that my Mum and Dad liked (it was unusual for Dad to take an interest in art). So, I tried to ring up the gallery. However, the owner didn’t have a computer and barely knew how to work a phone. So, I had to enlist the help of various artists down in Cornwall to track him down so I could buy the painting. I got it shipped to my parents' house and they had no idea. It was brilliant - a gift, but also a little challenge. They still have it on their wall in the living room.

Did you ask for anything this year? If so, what?  

A break?!

Do you wear anything special on Christmas Day? 

Absolutely! I always wear the new socks my Mum has got me. There are very few things better than fresh bed sheets and fresh socks. I will also, invariably, wear new underwear…who says Christmas as an adult isn’t that much fun!?

What time is Christmas Dinner (you can use your own definition for this)? 

It’s normally in the middle of the day. However, we now go to friend’s house, so it’s whatever time they’ll have it

What’s your favourite food and drink on Christmas Day?  

I love that Christmas is the only day that you can start drinking at 10am. You can’t do that unless you’re in an airport.

Four things you do between 1pm and 6pm: 

  1.    Sleep
  2.     Call my partner
  3.   Sleep
  4. Forget that I’ve called my partner, rush to call her. She gets confused because we spoke 2 hours ago, I try and make up an excuse, look like an idiot and then we watch the Christmas edition of Dr Who Meets Eastenders or whatever is on

Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? If so, anything in particular? 

Right, I’m sounding like an old crusty now, but I swear TV used to be better back in the day. Now, it’s all depressing stuff… like Mrs Browns Boys or Citizen Kahn. I used to love it when there were movies on that you’d never normally see on TV or Christmas editions of your favourite sitcom…and yes, I know I sound like a grandad! So, what’s the deal with young people being so loud these days!?

What’s your favourite festive movie? 

Without a doubt The Muppets Christmas Carol. And, if you don’t like it, you’re wrong!

How do you spend your evening and night? 

Sleeping. As I normally do to be honest


Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with I’m NOT Disordered’s readers!  


We all wish you a very Merry Christmas this year!! 


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