Welcome to Day Twenty-Three of Blogmas 2022


Today, I’m teaming up with Debbie Henderson who is the Communications and Corporate Affairs Director for my local mental health NHS Trust; Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW), to bring you a bit of insight into her Christmas…



Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 

Me and the hubby go to our friend’s house on Christmas Eve every year to spend a few hours with our goddaughter – needless to say, we don’t have kids of our own – so she gets spoilt rotten!!


Who will you be spending this year’s Christmas with? 

Me, the hubby and our hairy daughter (Shelby – our Staffy) – she’s 13 in November so we’ll be making it extra special! My mam is spending it with family in Wales this year, so we’ll be spending the day with my in-laws…. lots of food, beers, chocolate….and falling asleep to a cheesy Christmas movie – just perfect xx

What time do you get up on Christmas Day? Is that for a particular reason?  

We get up around 7.30am – but that’s because Shelby gets us up – she knows when it’s a special day including her birthday….and Christmas


What’s for breakfast? 

 A Crumpet – lathered in Lurpak butter (Northerners know it must be Lurpak!).


When do you open presents? 

Immediately so we can calm Shelby down for the rest of the morning ha ha


What has been your favourite gift of all-time? 

Ooooh, that’s a tough one, and I really couldn’t say – to be honest, I’m grateful for any gifts I receive – some people aren’t as fortunate as me


What has been the most favourite gift you’ve given someone else? 

Every gift I’ve ever bought my dad before he passed away in 2018…. he always said we bought him the best prezzies


Did you ask for anything this year? If so, what?  

A bottle of perfume from my mam, and John Frieda hair products from my mother-in-law – it’s tradition!! anything else is always a surprise x


Do you wear anything special on Christmas Day? 

Cheesy Christmas jumper…. ALWAYS!! but always take my stretchy ‘turkey-eating pants’ and a pair of slippers to our in-laws for the day – I’m built for comfort!


What time is Christmas Dinner (you can use your own definition for this)? 

Whenever we’ve had our fill of booze it gets earlier every year as we’re getting older!!


What’s your favourite food and drink on Christmas Day?  

Four different kinds of meat, roast veg, a vat of gravy….but the pork crackling is a MUST – we fight over it….


Four things you do between 1pm and 6pm: 

1.       Hug everyone!!

2.       Laugh ‘til my belly’s sore

3.       Drink Beer (Corona to be precise!)

4.       Over-eat

Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? If so, anything in particular? 

Only fools and horses in the morning – classic! After dinner – not sure it’s really ‘watching the TV’ as opposed to ‘sleeping in front of the TV’.


What’s your favourite festive movie? 

Gremlins! All day long…


How do you spend your evening and night? 

On the couch…. literally doing nothing but texting everyone to say I’ve hope they’ve all had a lovely day


Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with I’m NOT Disordered’s readers!  


We all wish you a very Merry Christmas this year!! 

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