I just wanted to post this very tiny message to tell anyone who solely follows I’m NOT Disordered rather than my social media (all linked to the left of this page), I’m spending a lot of time on a huge project that massively relates to my blogging career and it’s meaning that I have a whole lot less time to be putting together lengthy, deep pieces of content. I’m having to prioritise though and right now, I’m enjoying working on this project more so than trying to put blog posts together. And, considering my suicide attempts and how close I came to them being successful – how I found myself on life support twice – I’m a huge fan of recognising what you love most in life and doing that!

So, I’m sorry if this is a let down to those who really revolve around I’m NOT Disordered and its content… I promise that this new project will seem completely worth it when it is finally made live on April 22nd 2023! Until then, I’ll aim to publish one blog post at least once a fortnight!

Thanks for your time!

Aimee x

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