Today I Learnt...

1. How much I respect staff who I didn't even realise I did... This was discovered when writing my suicide notes.
2. I write some massive crap when I'm sleep deprived and even though I know I genuinely felt that way then it's like... "why didn't I just go to sleep?!"
3. That a smile means they look at you for less time than if you were crying.
4. That my GCSE Textile teacher (6years ago) really broke my confidence in my drawing to the point where I'm now such a perfectionist that I screwed up my paper in Arts and Crafts group and agreed to do mine in my spare time.
5. That Hunters Chicken takes longer than 20minutes to cook... And two 6" baguettes thrown at your face hurts! OT vs a patient
6. That there are two ways to get to subway... There's the quick way and then there's the way the staff took me! To be fair if I'd worn waterproof boots for the snow I wouldn't have complained so much!
7. That Subway 6" Italian with chicken, bacon and mayo, grilled, is AH-Mazing!!!
8. That there's such a technique to being assertive called I Language and it's an absolute joke that can't always be applied in situations.
9. That our trainee Forensic Psychologist thinks you can 'choose' how you feel. And she thought Anger Management would be the right time to tell patients diagnosed with a Disorder where one of the main symptoms is mood instability.
10. They lock the door in Anger Management.
11. Staff are very unobservant when it comes to their food and it 'going missing' under our table!
12. Staff don't appreciate when one of them accidentally triggers their alarm and we all scream 'quick! help!' for all the staff running to what they expect to be an incident.
13.If you haven't cried for three years then once you start crying again it comes out in floods.
14. I'm not very confident in much about my appearance but I dress myself up to give the impression that I do and I think I actually fool people.
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