The One Where I Begin Blogging

[note: I wasn't sure how to begin a blog like this, I probably really should've started it when I was first admitted to the Hospital... So, rather than condense the story from the beginning into one post and then start posting daily, I thought I'd begin at today, and if things need explaining then I will! I hope this was the right decision.]

I've been so anxious all day at the thought of my plan for tonight (beginning the writings for staff  about my 'trauma') that I decided to speak to them. I figured the idea wasn't going to work if just the thought of beginning it was making me struggle so I suggested we put something in place to help me. This is the 'Management Plan' we came up with:

'Aimee has requested support whilst she makes an attempt to disclose sensitive information to staff. The format she will be disclosing information to staff will be by writing things down on an evening in her bedroom. Aimee will let staff know when she is writing so that they are aware that her mood may change and they are able to offer support if needed. Aimee will require support from staff at this time and will try to approach staff herself and utilise time by playing board games with staff to distract herself. Aimee may at times not feel able to approach staff due to feeling distressed, can staff please be vigilant and increase observations should Aimee present as unsettled. Aimee would like her bedroom door left open when struggling as she is able to manage herself in her room and finds time alone soothing. Her door however will be locked at nursing teams discretion.'

I'm happy it's been sorted and even though I've not actually gotten round to doing any of the writing that caused the whole panic in the first place, at least the plan is in place. I really need to stop putting it off though for tweeting and posting on Facebook!

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