TV Review: Don't Call Me Crazy, Episode 2

It's that time again; I've been waiting all week for this programme to come back on! (Read the previous, same titled post to learn about the first episode. This is the second).
As Kristal was introduced, I found myself thinking of the young girl in America who's been diagnosed with child-onset Schizophrenia and she had similar names for similar hallucinations; e.g. numbers and rats. It was nice (if that's the right word) to listen to her adoptive parents struggling to make sense of her hallucinations and to how to react to them. It made me see that's how people are with me when I'm hearing voices are seeing the rabbits. As her adoptive parents also discussed the lack of diagnosis meaning there's little understanding as to what's going on with Kristal. I remember when I first got my diagnosis of BPD and how I instantly felt less alone because there are others like me. I was surprised that the Doctor decided the hallucinations were more of a coping method than a form of psychosis.
It was encouraging to see that Beth is making small steps in eating mouthfuls of peas. It was saddening to hear how she's still struggling regardless of the fact she's eating; she has a price to pay for everything she eats. She cuts. It was inspirational though, that she was able to write a letter to the staff telling them of how terrible and alone she felt so that they were able to help by planning to increase her medication.
It was upsetting to hear that Jill is still struggling and self-harming. It was lovely, though, to see her and her Mum getting along well and having a laugh. Then afterwards, when Jill was saying how she wouldn't run off in front of her Mum because it would upset her, I know how that feels. It doesn't mean being with family is any easier but there's sometimes less pressure. It was interesting to hear that she'd lost a friend and to see how she coped with it by using the death as an inspiration to stop self-harming. I liked that she adopted the method of twanging an elastic band to her wrist when the urges are strongest.
It was sad to see the patients in the Unit during Christmastime. It was slightly heartbreaking to see Jill's reaction to being told she couldn't go home for Christmas Day and it reminded me how I felt. I found it a little surprising though, that Kristal was allowed home when her hallucinations were so often and troubling.
It was sad to hear that Beth's tribunal was a 'no' - I know how hard that is to hear when you're so confident that you'll be ok in the community. But, I was pleased that Jill was allowed off her section. I miss that feeling.

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