The End of I'm NOT Disordered

I know I posted recently about whether to end my blog as I move on with my recovery and I had a lot of lovely replies so I decided to continue blogging until I completely left hospital.
Now I've had two more disgusting and upsetting comments on here, I've decided today is the day I will end this blog.
I will not read comments from people making arsey comments about the fact I don't have a job, ironic considering the people who say these things are sending them during normal working hours but hey ho. And today, I had a comment on my National Suicide Prevention Day post saying 'good luck with attempt number 4.' The thing is, this isn't mental health stigma talk; it's just plain spiteful trolling, and I'm not ashamed to admit they have won. I accept that in writing such a personal blog, I've made myself vulnerable.
If I'd had such nasty comments in the beginning of this blog then they might have destroyed me but I'm too strong for that now. I think, as well, if I were getting a lot of benefit from blogging then I'd probably think it were worth these comments. But I don't. And it isn't.
Finally, it's been a pleasure and to all the readers; thank you.

The blog will remain live for a further 24hours so that people can read this and then tomorrow afternoon, I will close I'm NOT Disordered down.
Thanks again!
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