An Explanation

So, it's been a while...

I genuinely meant for that last post to be the last, and it was... For a long time, it was.
Since leaving Hospital, a lot has happened in my temporary place (a bungalow on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital) and there's been many a time that I've thought 'ooo I'll go blog about this.' It's meant that I've grown to regret my decision to close the blog down as a result of trolling. Some people thought it apt to close it as I left hospital and begun a new chapter of my life but, you can't deny your past or forget it. And I'm proud to say "yes, look back over my past few years... And, this is where I am now."

People are constantly talking about my strength and how stable my recovery is, but the entire time all I can think it 'I gave in one of the most important things in my life because of bullies.' Never again. I haven't come all this way and beat everything I have to fall down at that tiny hurdle.
So, I'm back! I'm NOT Disordered is back! Although I've changed, my location has and so will the blog content; my determination and dedication are the same, if not, stronger.
Let's get back to it people!

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