FBMH: Guest Post By Sally from 'Little Budget'


Hi, I’m Sally. I’m a Media Studies student and part-time theatre teacher, and I run littlebudget, a beauty and lifestyle blog. I suffer with depression, anxiety and trichotillomania.
If you don’t know what trichotillomania is, firstly, I don’t blame you! It’s a stress-related compulsion – a bit like biting your nails – where people pull out their hair.

I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression since I was about 16 (I’m 20 now), but trichotillomania is a relatively new occurrence in my life, and I’m still learning to deal with it.
The biggest challenge I’m facing is keeping my condition under control. I scratch the skin off my scalp and pull out my hair without even realising it, sometimes for hours at a time. This has obviously thinned my hair out massively; and I didn’t have very thick hair to begin with.
Something I didn’t even think about is that my condition means I have to wash my hair nearly every day, as scratching the skin obviously makes my scalp bleed (which is a bit gross).
I’ve had to learn to style my hair to cover up the thinning patches on the side of my head – a messy bun on the top of my head is my go-to hairstyle, no matter where I’m headed that day.
I think that this condition will go away in time: maybe when I’m not as stressed with university and work. In the meantime, I wear gloves indoors to remind me not to pull my hair, which can look a bit weird when we have guests round!
Twitter: @little_budget
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