DBT Distraction Advice: HobbyCraft

Hey guys!
So, any of you out there who have done DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) will know what I'm on about when I talk about distraction... Although, it's a pretty 'layman' term 'distraction.'
So, distraction and self-soothe are the main skills I use and with distraction; I have so many different things I do, it usually depends on how much I feel I am struggling as to what I will do. So, if it wasn't too bad I'd probably watch a movie or play with Dolly, and then if it were average I'd do some college work or blogging as they'll take more concentration. And when it's quite bad I like to do things which take all of you concentration and you get a nice result at the end, and so I began doing arts and crafts in my difficult times.
Today, my Case Manager left me; she was specialised in Out of Area Placements so once I was back near home and she'd sorted out a support package for me, she has to stop working with me. She's been absolutely fantastic and for our last time together she took me to HobbyCraft (and then McDonalds). I'd never been before, but lots of people recommended I go as I love arts and crafts. So, here's what she bought for me, perhaps if you find distraction helpful to cope too, it'll give you ideas or convince you to try it out:

So these are just cardboard, heart-shaped boxes that I'll be painting and decorating with the little bows, flowers and buttons. And I was thinking to use them as storage in my sitting room.

This is one of the foil scrapey things which I love to do, but I hadn't done this design!
I've never done one of these before, I think you just slot these individual pieces of wood together...

These are my favourite buys; we used to do them in hospital. You choose the polystyrene animals (they have other things; it's not all animals) and the decorated paper and then tear little pieces off the papers and stick them to your model, until it is completely covered. 

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