My LifeSaver - A Poem

It took so much effort,
To fight the darkness, 
To fight their noise, 
To ensure that I didn't trip over their ploys

I did it because of you,
I fought for you,
I needed you so badly,
I was discharged from hospital gladly

I began looking for you,
But you found me,
You chose me,
And it quickly became Dolly and Aimee

My home was complete with your toys,
My life was complete with your love,
My recovery was complete with my goal,
My heart complete with your soul

You cheer me up when I'm sad,
You make me laugh when I cry,
You make me love when I hate,
You quickly became my best mate

The thought of losing you,
Is too much to bear,
No one else can have you, 
Because of you suicide is something I can never come close to

You've saved my life,
Filled my holes,
Mended my heart,
And made my brain once again smart

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