I can't believe it's taken me so long to write this post. 
I remember when I first met Sophie through another friend and immediately thought she was hilarious and so friendly. 
The next time I saw her, was at a party. She was soooo drunk and everyone she was with were off enjoying themselves so I remember sitting in the toilet cubicle, holding her hair back. And she asked for a wet tissue on her head so I did that and literally after a few minutes she was like "what you doing? You're soaking me!!!" And so, I ended up going into her phone and called her Dad to come collect her. I remember putting her in his car and he thanked me. And we've been friends ever since! 
Sophie is one of those friends who is so kind and generous but she isn't a doormat. She'll speak up, but she chooses her battles. She's one of those few people who light up a room when they walk in. She has this sparkle about her that means if you were in the same room, you would instinctively go and speak to her. And guaranteed you'd cry with laughter during the conversation. 
Sophie, like most people, hasn't had the easiest of lives and has proved bullies wrong by losing weight and gaining confidence. To compare photos, you wouldn't believe it was the same girl. She always smiled but I think it was a surface smile; now it goes right to her soul. And you can tell.
She also got out of a bad relationship. This person tried to wear her down and I was so worried he'd succeed and change my Sophie and take her confidence and sass away. But like always, she came out on top. I remember when they split and Soph and I had a little party at their flat and she and some of the guys ended up running into the sea on Blyth Beach at stupid-o'clock in the morning/night. And upon getting back to her flat she ordered everyone to the bathroom to wash the sand off before going into her sitting room. Her ex returned in the morning to find boxer shorts in the bathroom and two hungover girls (Soph and I). She's now in such an awesome relationship that I see them as a relationship goal. Craig treats Sophie like a princess which is exactly how she deserves to be treat. And I think that through this, Sophie has learnt that her friends should treat her this way and it's given her the ability to recognise her self-worth and adjust her social circle appropriately. 

On a deeper, more serious note; I remember walking through the dunes and sitting on the sand, watching the sea until the early hours of the morning - no alcohol in sight, and telling her what had happened to me. Telling her the darkest parts. To this day, she is the only person outside of professionals to know such details. And this is one of the many things that makes her so special and so important to me. This girl was the only person aside from my Mum to travel all the way to the hospital I was in, when she brought me a pink Christmas tree that I wasn't allowed because it had built in lights! My first Christmas in my forever home though, you'd better believe that was my tree! And she brought non-alcoholic cider that the entire ward were privileged to indulge in after special permission. I also remember heading for a carvery with her followed by two staff who were wished 'good luck' by another staff as we giggled ourselves silly! 
Sophie has been with me through thick and thin and I'd like this post to be just a small thank you for everything she has done for me.
Now see what I mean about the sparkle when you look at her beautiful face below.
And Sophie? If you read this, thank you. And I love you. Here's to many more drunken nights and meaningful chats together. 
PS. Remember the cheese factory? :') 

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